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AGEOD's Civil War Two
3/31/2021 2:04:32 AM
Has anyone here ever played AGEOD's Civil War Two -- I really enjoy it and it's a nice game, but is it accurate?; the American Battlefield Trust (then called Civil War Trust) helped design the game and review it for historical accuracy and troop dispositions and such. I would just enjoy someone shedding light on the subject.
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AGEOD's Civil War Two
3/31/2021 3:52:19 PM
Yes, excellent game if you can get around the learning curve. I met the developers at a conference for Matrix games a few years ago. Since we were there to present my company's ACW game (Scourge of War), we spent most of the conference chatting, bouncing ideas off each other. I can say Philippe and team give incredible attention to detail and historical accuracy. Events, troop OOBs, etc. are all setup accurately. Although once the battles and movements begin, much of the accuracy is rendered obsolete due to the player and AI impacting historical events.
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AGEOD's Civil War Two
4/1/2021 10:22:49 AM
Hey LP,

Good to hear from you, with College Football, having an abridged season, & only a little discussion, I was wondering if you were still keeping tabs on MHO? As far as this CW game, I really like anything from the Civil War Trust, their videos are awesome!

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AGEOD's Civil War Two
6/14/2022 11:42:40 AM
I love civil war 2 by Ageod, great game. I always hoped for a third but I think the company is done.

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