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Rest in peace - Bud Robertson
11/4/2019 3:11:17 PM
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I'll never forget when I emailed him a question about his AP Hill book and he took the time to respond. One of the all time great Civil War historians. He'll be missed.
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Rest in peace - Bud Robertson
11/4/2019 3:52:00 PM
Hi lp,

Your right James "Bud" Robertson" was one of the great Civil War Spokespersons & historians of our times! I think any Civil War Presentation was better if he was in it! I enjoyed his expertise, voice, & accent! I wish I could of attended 1 of his classes!?

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He will be missed,
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Rest in peace - Bud Robertson
6/24/2020 3:25:07 PM
Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I had a writing project about the Civil War for company and your website really helped me with my history research. Thanks for having so many interesting posts!

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Rest in peace - Bud Robertson
7/21/2020 5:52:02 AM
I had the opportunity as a member of the Augusta Civil War Round Table to listen to him present on 3!!!!!! different occasions. I even brought a guest one time who had no particular interest in the Civil War and she was spellbound by his presentation.

I still get chills down my spine thinking about his explanation of the meaning behind Stonewall's deathbed declaration--"Let Us cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees." If you don't know this a reference to an actual place. As a young man, a boy in fact, after his father died, his mother had to parcel out most of her children to relatives to raise. He was sent to an uncle who had him work his farm. Hard work but not a sadistic man. There was a small creek on the property and when his work was done, he would cross it and rest in the shade.

I was fortunate enough to ask him a question regarding his failure after the Valley Campaign during the 7 days battles with Lee. I was fascinated by his explanation that he considered Jackson's failures during this campaign to be a form of "battle fatigue" or PTSD brought on by the stress of the Valley campaign.

I hope he is enjoying talking to his subject and asking him for details on his campaigns.

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