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Brian W
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Israel thread accidentally inactivated. It’s coming back.
10/28/2023 11:50:10 PM
VPatrick and I were testing a feature and it didn’t work as planned. Totally my fault.
And the thread got deactivated by accident in our testing. I’m not at my computer right now but it’ll be back tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Israel thread accidentally inactivated. It’s coming back.
10/29/2023 1:31:55 AM
No dramas. These things happen.

Phil Andrade
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Israel thread accidentally inactivated. It’s coming back.
10/29/2023 6:25:53 AM
Two things just keep coming to my mind : one, a recent episode, which I’ve already alluded to. The other dates back more than two thousand years .

The destruction of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka which entailed the wholesale massacre of unknown thousands of civilians in the north of the island is the modern one.

From Antiquity the slogan Carthaga delenda est has a horrible resonance when we think of what’s happening now in Gaza.

The Romans, determined to expunge the defeats and humiliation that they had suffered after generations of warfare against the Carthaginians , embarked on a war of extermination and eventually prevailed.

I always thought that the Latin slogan, issued by Cato the Elder, means “ Carthage is destroyed “ ; what he was actually meaning to say was “ Carthage must be destroyed “. For some reason the two are conflated.

I reckon that Colin and Trevor are better qualified to comment here than I am.

When I hear Netinyahu say that Hamas must be wiped out, I can’t help wondering whether he’s thinking of that Roman slogan.

Regards, Phil
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