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Who’s using what, from where …
8/5/2022 9:56:10 PM
I try to follow the war in Ukraine war. Nonetheless, I’m getting confused about some stuff. If I’m sounding glib or cheeky in tone, it’s because a lot of the axioms I was raised by seem to be getting challenged. In small ways, certainly, but challenged nevertheless.

I read this evening that Russia appears to be using Iranian drones. They say Iran has provided 46 drones, but don’t know if that is the total offered or simply the number now in situ. These are not mere recon drones, which are clearly passé, but assault devices, particularly effective against some of US “state of the art” weapons now being used by Ukraine.

Earlier in this insane war, Ukraine was deploying Turkish-built attack drones which were apparently effective against the best armour Russia could field. I get the idea that Russia may have made an error in mounting its tank munitions where it did, but are Russians so stupid they offer no defensive capabilities for their tanks beyond a few depleted uranium tiles?

There’s also the increasing(?) introduction by Russia of troops outside Russia’s army. Chechnyan troops are in Ukraine’s eastern oblasts. But some of those troops are now directed by Ukraine

Then there’s the Russian Black Sea flag ship loss. She (I guess Russians would say “he”) was purportedly sufficiently damaged by recently developed, relatively untested missiles developed by Ukraine that she/he sank while being returned to port. These same missiles have been effective, though not quite so dramatically, against other Russian vessels in the Black Sea. 


Are we looking at a 2020 version of 1936 (the Spanish Civil War tested not just Italian, German and Soviet military equipment, but also modern military medical resources)? Are sides in a so-far localized war testing major powers’ equipment? Are they finding some of those weapons ill-designed or with obvious weaknesses? Are we learning that other regional powers can perhaps outperform the creations of both the US and Russia?

Just muzzing my way through the complexities of a war which, fifty years ago, would have been a “proxy” war. Is this different only because it is a conflict in Europe rather than Asia or the ‘Stans or the Middle East? If so, should we be surprised/concerned to find that Turkey, Iran and other smaller nations (let’s not forget Israel) have weapons which seem to handle the superpowers’ latest weapons with relative ease.

This is, please note, mere musing.

Brian G

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