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Brian W
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Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1 - Animated
12/6/2021 8:34:37 PM
Really good detail of the first day of the Air War during Desert Storm. I didn't know about the decoys. Brilliant.
I came late to all the fun by a few weeks, but I flew on the E-3 AWACS for 90 days out of Riyadh.

2775 allied sorties total flew that day.

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Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1 - Animated
12/7/2021 1:26:20 AM

"American parachutists-devils in baggy pants..." German officer, Italy 1944. “If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment.” Lord Ernest Rutherford
Brian Grafton
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Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1 - Animated
12/13/2021 8:29:29 PM
Just got around to viewing this, Brian. I agree, this is a wonderful use of graphics to explain a massively complex co-ordinated assault, as well as a well-presented suggestion of how the air war went.

Funny, isn’t it. Here are echoes of the strategy attempted by Germany’s Luftwaffe: strive for air mastery and communications disruption prior to invasion. Good strategy then, flawed only be lack of German understanding of the Chain Home towers, combined with the difficulty in using available ordnance against such airy structures. The number of sorties flown that first day is indeed impressive; IIRC, right at the end of the link there is a suggestion that the number of daily sorties remained high for the duration of the initial phase of the assault. It would be interesting to tote up the daily sorties against Germany in 1944, during the softening-up attacks by the various Allied air arms prior to D-Day. RAF BC could probably put 650 a/c up on a typical raid, and the US 8th about the same. The sorties flown by 2TAF and USAAC ground attack a/c might equal that number. The bombing support units of fighters, at least for the US, would have been massive as well. I’m guessing, but maybe air sorties as the Allied air effort reached maximum met that number of sorties a day.
… I came late to all the fun by a few weeks, but I flew on the E-3 AWACS for 90 days out of Riyadh.

Gotta ask. By the time you got there, was this recognized as a “Turkey Shoot”? Is that why you talk about coming late to the “fun”?

At the time of GW1, I used to pop into a pub for a pint after a day’s work. I was there when footage started to appear on CNN. I almost got tossed out for insisting the channel not be switched from CNN. Another patron was demanding they show an Ontario Hockey League game. I won the argument that war in the middle east was more important than a B-league hockey game 3000 miles from Victoria. So I followed the initial coverage of the first assault as well as other footage as the night went on. To be honest, it was like watching a basic video game. One more reason I think Canadian involvement with hockey reflects a mindless commitment to reality.

At this time, I had booked a seat for Britain. Folks were wary of flying. And, because of IRA activity in England (I think I’m right there!) England was not a first-choice destination. Because of the double tensions, I had a round-trip ticket for $149.00. My memory of the UK was that the Gulf War was a side issue, and that the IRA threats were much more severe.

Thanks for the link, Brian W.

Cheers. And stay safe.
Brian G
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