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11/4/2021 1:01:27 AM
Remember that nasty little drone strike during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan? The one that killed ten innocent citizens? Don’t worry. The USAF announced today that, after an utterly impartial assessment of a strike they carried out, there is no “criminal” culpability.
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Oh, good! Won’t have to bring to trial whoever was incompetent enough to attack innocents. Won’t have to question whether USAF drone technology, combined with USAF intelligence, should be held responsible for “mistaken” killings. Won’t have to even explore whether US troops can be considered culpable.

Now that Gitmo is more or less emptied, folks are talking about the use of torture. Yeah, you may remember Gitmo. Where there were no trials but only military tribunals, where no US civilian procedures were accepted. Where, in one instance at least, a 15-year-old boy was held and tried, after being abandoned by his native country (Canada).

I spent part of last Saturday listening to the tension between a US “interrogator” and a detainee from Gitmo. It was a painful broadcast, because although the “interrogator” remained convinced his “subject” was an enemy of the US, he was suffering symptoms of PTSD because he knew he had used torture – because he was a “torturer” for his country, and hated that fact.

Is it time, I wonder, for the US to submit its troops and military conduct to international standards under the International Court of The Hague?

Cheers. And stay safe.
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