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Record Russian shipping.
12/29/2020 9:54:03 PM
Kai, you’ve got a lot to answer for!

Based on data as of 22 Dec, Russia exceeded its own expectations of 29 M tons, shipping some 32 M tons using northern (i.e.,) arctic routes in 2020. This, from the Barents Observer:Quote:

Worth noting, IMHO, is that this is largely a western Russian Arctic phenomenon; easter arctic routes are still building but slowly.

For me this is interesting because the record shipping levels are announced despite the impact of COVID, which in a different publication I read today suggests Russia has admitted the third highest COVID rates (I assume, per capita) in the world. Add to that the announcement that Russia will build another nuclear-powered icebreaker, and suddenly the Atlantic is open year-round for traffic from Russia’s western arctic regions. In theory that would include all assets of the Northern Fleet. Members of which, in yet another article I spotted today (perhaps also in the Barents Observer) are receiving their second shots of COVID vaccine.

Maybe it’s only because the Observer is a regional news source, and perhaps choose what they offer to online subscribers, but I find myself trying to weave these semi-related news items into whole cloth.

Comments, anyone?

Chers. And stay safe.
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