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Phil Andrade
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Importance of personal conduct and good teamwork
Posted on: 12/27/2019 5:50:58 AM

More and more apparent.....the flaws in commanders in the Civil War were failures of relationships rather than lack of technical skills.

For the Confederacy, this was especially toxic.

Joe Johnston, Beauregard and Jefferson Davis couldn’t stand each other. This toxicity cost the war in the west. If I exaggerate, it’s forgivable .....as for Bragg, he strikes me as the most notorious example of this problem, although I suspect that he was as much sinned against as sinner. He certainly possessed military science and technical skills : but what use are they if you antagonise everybody ?

Now, how about the unfortunate A.S. Johnston ? Had he not lost his life at Shiloh, what disasters might have been averted ?

I know little about him, but I get the impression that he was something of a dullard, who had the crucial ability to hold on to the loyalty of officers and men. Maybe that’s the most important attribute.

As for Lee....here, we have the ultimate practitioner of good conduct and technical skill combined. Do you agree ?

Please comment and correct me in my assessments.

Regards, Phil

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