(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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May 16, 1863
5/16/2022 2:19:34 PM
From the Chicago Tribune. Chicago Illinois. May 16. 1863

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Phil Andrade
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May 16, 1863
5/16/2022 3:42:37 PM

The Chicago Tribune reveals a loathing of Secession and Slavery, but upholds strict codes of racial segregation, especially in its reference to modern Virginians, whose best blood has been drained off into mulattoes for the Southern market.

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Michigan Dave
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May 16, 1863
6/20/2022 3:28:52 PM
Hi Larry

Great article on Stonewalled Jackson! Hope you can post articles,

from those times on Gettysburg again!?? Contemporary News Articles are great!

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