(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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May 10. 1863
5/10/2022 7:31:30 AM
From the Detroit Free Press. Detroit Mich. May 10, 1863.

From the Daily Ohio Statesman. Columbus Ohio. May 10, 1863

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Phil Andrade
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May 10. 1863
5/10/2022 4:33:20 PM
That’s a real eye opener isn’t it Larry ? Telegraphic news from excited reporters must have created a very volatile mood in the stock exchange.

A spurious rumour about Hooker pressing the advantage excites the markets to the extent that gold price falls.

Talk about wishful thinking !

More accurate reporting in the earlier press article from Detroit alludes to a Federal loss of fifteen thousand men in the battle : close enough……the actual figure was seventeen thousand.

This must have been a real “ change your underwear “ moment for financiers and politicians in New York and Washington.

Regards, Phil

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