(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
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December 16, 1862
12/16/2021 10:05:18 AM
From the Alexandria Gazette. Alexandria VA. December 16, 1862.

From the Semi Weekly Standard. Raleigh N.C. December 16, 1862

From the Reading Times. Reading PA. December 16, 1862

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Phil Andrade
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December 16, 1862
12/16/2021 11:59:35 AM
Excellent stuff, Larry, thanks.

The first article from Baltimore reflects the border state syndrome of divided loyalty, and the account is balanced.

The NC article is straightforward but hardly triumphant considering the severity of the repulse suffered by the yankees.

The PA news passes over the details of the big battle, but refers ominously to the Union dead remaining where they fell in front of the confederate positions, although all the dead "obtained " had been buried. How many of the dead were not " obtained" ? Judging by the fact that barely ten per cent of the official Union casualty list of 12,653 were confirmed as killed, we might assume that a large portion of the men posted as missing in action had also been killed, or were left dying in front of the enemy works.

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