(1861-1865) Civil War Battles (Eastern Theater)
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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December 12, 1862
12/12/2021 6:16:33 AM
From the Reading Daily Times. Reading Pa. December 12, 1862.

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Phil Andrade
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December 12, 1862
12/12/2021 7:56:43 AM
These were Barksdale's Mississippians, if I'm correct, laying down this murderous fire on those bridge engineers. I wonder if the southern press had much to say about this prelude to one of the war's most dramatic and tragic battles. Like the other two " burg" battles in the East - Sharpsburg and Gettysburg - this was a panoramic affair.

I last visited Fredericksburg about thirty years ago, and had a sense of the wistful beauty of the place. Maybe that's because I knew what had happened there, rather than because of its innate situation and lay out.

Regards, Phil
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