(1939-1945) WWII
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Image of the Warsaw Ghetto
6/17/2022 8:46:41 PM
I saw this article about a shoe and for some reason it captivated me. It sadly reminded me of the bunkers of Mariupol where folks held out heroically and the fact that murder for land and murder of a people is still a thing today. The Jews in Warsaw did not have javelins but they fought like demons when they realized what was in store for them with acquired German weapons. 460,000 Jews where held in an area of 1.5 square miles in the Warsaw Ghetto, To put that in perspective Mongolia has about 3 million people 603 thousand square miles, North Dakota US, 70 thousand square miles, 774 thousand people. Many Jewish fighters committed suicide when the gig was up in the Warsaw Ghetto a Masada like episode.

Im not sure if as I get older I get more sensitive to the value of life but what I cant stand is when I see lessons learned in my own lifetime be forgotten. I can see that scared 10 year old girl wearing those shoes and her lighting struck scared parents trying to preserve her life and the horror knowing they cant. This is going on today in Ukraine and being committed by Russia that lost the most human life in WW2 by invasion by Germany that started the war with the precept to protect their ethnic minorities in countries where borders shifted by war and collapses of former empire. Surreal is not the strongest adjective there has to be one better.

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