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Can anyone help me understand this portion of a DD214
10/10/2021 1:53:13 PM

Good afternoon!

I was looking at my grandfather's DD214 and under this section titled, "Service Outside Continental U.S. And Return" and had a question regarding the "Destination" section of 20 Oct 45. What does the destination ETO-USA mean? I understand that they both separately mean European Theater of Operations and United States of America. But then for 31 Oct 45 it shows that the destination was ETO. I'm a little confused on what this phrasing means. I'm not entirely sure on how to post a picture, I hope this Imgur link is okay.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Can anyone help me understand this portion of a DD214
10/11/2021 12:41:55 PM
ETOUSA probably refers to European Theatre of Operations, United States Amy- as described in this link.
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Can anyone help me understand this portion of a DD214
10/11/2021 1:47:36 PM
Purely speculative on my part, but the 20 Oct entry may signify a one way trip from the ETO to the States, possibly by air since the travel time was only two days.
It then appears that about a week later, he returned to the ETO for several months, for whatever reason. This time around, both legs may have been by sea, given the longer travel times.

Do his records give any indication as to why and for how long he had been overseas prior to 20 Oct? Or, any clue as to why he would have returned after such a short time back in the States?
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