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Tactical use of armored regiment HQ in U.S. heavy armored division
7/19/2021 7:20:49 PM
How did the 2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions which, unlike the light armored divisions retained the 1942 heavy organization, use the two organic armored regiment headquarters? From the divisional histories I’ve read they used the CCA and CCB headquarters to each control a number of battalion task forces or teams per doctrine and the armored infantry regiments used as CCReserve. I read in the history of the 1st Armored Division in Tunisia where it was organized with four Combat Commands (A-D)where presumably the two armored regiments were used to create CCC and CCD but have not seen anything to indicate this was done in the ETO. The Osprey Battle Order book US Armored Units in the North African and Italian Campaigns 1942-45 and the Copy of the 1942 armored division TOE at the CGSC Library show the armored regiment headquarters had a substantial staff (with command, personnel, intelligence, communication sections etc and that these were separate and distinct from the Combat Command HQ personnel. Were these regimental HQs used as a command level between the Combat Commands and the battalion TFs/Tms? Were they used to form task forces that were also battalion sized? Or were these regiment headquarters used to augment the CC staffs (I.e. were they combined with the CC staffs to form a single HQ)?

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