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USAAF raid Celle, 8pm, 8th April, 1945
3/23/2021 12:20:23 PM
Are there any handy online records of US missions. It's exactly at sunset. They hit the target, the considerable rail facility, bang on with spectacular and tragic results. It's just round the corner from Belsen.
Did USAAF bomb targets at 8pm 20 miles from the frontline ? It's not RAF bomber command according to their log.
There's an ammunition train and a petrol train, and 4500 slaves from Brunswick steel works in the middle. I am not even 100% it's actually an air raid. It's on the edge of town facing oncoming advance operations.

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USAAF raid Celle, 8pm, 8th April, 1945
3/23/2021 4:27:57 PM
Hello Mark Lester,

I found listings of US missions in all theatres on the site below.

For April 8, 1945, strategic and tactical missions are described.

These were the tactical missions on that day.

In Germany, around 620 A-20s, A-26s, and B-26s bomb the
Munchenbernsdorf oil storage depot, the Sonderhausen communications center,
Nienhagen oil refinery, Celle marshalling yard, and 8 city areas; fighters
escort the bombers, attack an airfield, fly patrols and armed reconnaissance,
and operate in conjunction with the US VIII, XII, and XX Corps in the
Thuringer Forest and Erfurt areas. Unit moves in Germany: HQ IX Tactical Air
Command from Bruhl to Lahn Airfield, Marburg; HQ 36th Fighter Group and the
22d and 23d Fighter Squadrons from Aachen to Niedermennig with P-47s; HQ
354th Fighter Group and 356th Fighter Squadron from Rosieres-en-Haye, France
to Ober Olm with P-51s; HQ 362d Fighter Group and 379th Fighter Squadron from
Rouvres, France to Frankfurt with P-47s..

The information is posted on

I hope that it is accurate.

You will have to scroll down a bit. The information covers operations for the whole month of April.

[Read More]

May I ask why this particular day interests you. If it is too personal to talk about it, I will understand.


Mark Lester
Hua Hin  Singapore
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USAAF raid Celle, 8pm, 8th April, 1945
3/24/2021 1:07:08 AM
That's outstanding thank you.

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