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(1939-1945) WWII Battles
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Battle of Britain
Posted on: 9/15/2019 7:05:58 PM

Today, Sept. 15 is Battle of Britain Day in the UK and the Commonwealth.

The battle continued beyond this date but Sept. 15 is considered a watershed moment.

On Sept. 7, the Luftwaffe shifted its focus from industrial and RAF bases and determined to bomb London. The Blitz continued for 57 days, beginning on Sept. 7.

On Sept. 15, the Luftwaffe returned with a major attack on London. 123 bombers escorted by over 650 fighters.

They met a ferocious response from the RAF and suffered high losses. They came back the next day and the result was similar.

As Sept. 15 is considered the high point of the Battle of Britain, B of B Day is a day of commemoration for the British and Commonwealth pilots and pilots from several nations that beat back the Luftwaffe.

What was the reason that the Luftwaffe objectives were changed from the air fields to the cities?

As well, the Luftwaffe continued to attack for 57 days but it seemed to peter out by the end of October. The Luftwaffe still had aircraft. I recall reading that they had more aircraft in October than they had available at the peak of the fighting in mid-September.

What were the reasons that they decided that the risks were not worth the effort?

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Certainly a memorable period in the history of the war. Just how close did Britain come to being defeated in this battle?



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