(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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August 5, 1863
8/5/2022 9:41:28 AM
From the Weekly State Journal, Raleigh North Carolina. August 5, 1863

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Michigan Dave
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August 5, 1863
8/5/2022 10:41:53 AM
Hi Larry,

When I see articles with lists of casualties, including fatalities, I think of the scene in Gone with the Wind where
people having just bought the news paper in Atlanta, & citizens are crying over loved ones on the lists!?

It had to be heart wrenching!?
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Phil Andrade
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August 5, 1863
8/6/2022 5:30:20 AM
Here again we see North Carolina journalism being candid and comprehensive in its reporting.

Since the state suffered so disproportionately heavily in the battle, the standard is all the more remarkable.

This regiment’s record speaks of the ordeal of Daniel’s Brigade, which took terrible punishment.

The actual loss , as recorded by Busey, was 186 casualties for the 53rd North Carolina, and 972 for the Brigade , not far short of half the entire command.

Regards, Phil
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