(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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July 30, 1863
7/30/2022 3:43:24 PM
From the Wilmington Journal. Wilming ton N.C. July 30, 1863

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Phil Andrade
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July 30, 1863
7/30/2022 5:30:08 PM

This gives a vivid description of the fierce fighting at Culp’s Hill.

It seems that confederate casualties in this sector of the battlefield amounted to about 2,750 : that’s attributable to the evening of Day Two and the morning of Day Three.

I’ve always thought that the majority of these - perhaps two thousand- were suffered in the morning of Day Three ; reading this account, however, it’s apparent that this regiment took significant casualties in the evening of the Second Day.

It’s certainly an example that encourages me to reconsider how I perceive the battle. This is an important feature of these newspaper articles : they can make quite an impact and foster a sense of circumspection.

Regards, Phil
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