(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Phil Andrade
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Please discuss Culp’s Hill
2/18/2022 7:04:26 AM
How far is this the “ Cinderella “ of the Battle of Gettysburg ?

Overshadowed by the much bigger fight for the Union left and left centre on Day Two, and, of course, by the drama of the PPT action on Day Three, it’s too easy to forget just how crucial this sector of the battlefield was for the integrity of the Union defence.

The fighting itself is generally caricatured as a series of rebel attacks that were repulsed by a competent and very potent yankee defensive deployment, with all the advantages of terrain and firepower bestowing a huge advantage on the entrenched bluecoats.

The anecdotal reports of union officers imply a very one sided slaughter here, with an alleged 1,200 dead Confederates being counted and interred by federal burial details , and an assumed total of at least least six thousand southern casualties, a more than five to one disparity in favour of the defence.

The statistical research now available does not bear this out. The confederate losses were indeed severe, but nowhere near as bad as these hyperbolic reports suggest. According to the surveys of the battlefield burials that were conducted after the battle and during post war exhumation of southern dead, there were 394 rebels interred in the Culp’s Hill burial pits. No doubt there were others who died further away from the immediate vicinity, but the best research reveals just under two thousand casualties in Johnson’s division ( with 254 killed in action and another 196 mortally wounded) and roughly 800 more killed , wounded and captured in the supporting brigades of Rodes’s division.

The yankees did not have it all their own way, and the losses suffered by the 137th New York were severe, as were those of a couple of regiments that launched an imprudent counter attack. There were also some friendly fire casualties.

I’m sure I read a post battle report by Junius Daniel, who states that his North Carolina soldiers broke into the Yankee lines and were able to inflict an awful slaughter on the bluecoats who were caught in a terrible predicament , almost trapped in their own works as they were attempting to escape a storm of confederate fire.

Not as easy and one sided as we’ve been led to believe, and a really stubborn and sometimes closely fought engagement, with high stakes for the North.

Regards, Phil
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Please discuss Culp’s Hill
2/19/2022 2:17:45 PM
Hi Phil,

I too have been looking at Culp Hill more, recently. I wish I spent more time on Culps Hill when I visited the battlefield unfortunately like many I had recently read "The Killer Angels" when I visited over twenty years ago and was affected by the same malady as many others do that spend to much time on LRT and the Pickets charge area. The Culps Hill battle is confusing to the layman and I think it takes significant more time than other parts of the battlefield to truly understand, I still am confused about the "Traverse" area and cant figure out why the Confederates were not able to outflank it but I think it may take more investigation and more time walking the battlefield. I did also recently read about the 137th New York and what I understood its many casualties were do to their 20th Maine like bayonet charge into a Confederate attack that possibly saved the position. As this was the extreme right of the Union position the 20th secured the extreme left. It was said this charge was equally important as the 20th Maine's but did not receive the accolades because it commander (Colonel Ireland?) was killed and was unable to promote his unit as effectively as Chamberlain was able to during and after the war. I have found that videos on Youtube especially by "The American Battlefield Trust" enhance reading about the battle especially when a question arises that I cant grasp. Its not the same as being there yourself but second best. [Read More]

Have a Great weekend Phil,


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Please discuss Culp’s Hill
2/23/2022 9:04:44 PM
Hi Phil,

Ive been meaning to get to your thread on Culps Hill, but delayed because of my travels & I'm not an expert on this topic! Just some points to consider below!!

1) Gen. Ewell's failure to take high ground on Cemetery Hill on day one? Couldn't he have taken Culps Hill then unopposed?? Stonewalled would have!?

2) If they could have taken Culps Hill they would control the Baltimore Pike, the supply route of the Union! Slightly important!? Game set match, Confederacy!?

3) Really its 2 hills & A saddle in between, tough place to take? Maybe more so than Lil Round Top!??

4) Gen. George Green, defending for the Union, maybe more of a hero than Chamberlain on Little Round top!? What say you??

5) Brutal Canon fire on Culps Hill! It was important to this battle!?

6) the conflict for the hill went back & forth, hotly contested! The Confederates came very close to taking it, & holding it??

7.)I missed Culps Hill the last couple times at the Gettysburg NBF, I think it's not as visited as other spots!??

Just a few points to consider?? It is a fascinating battle!?

C'mon guys let's help Phil out on Culps Hill topic!!!!


BTW Vince, citing the Civil.War Battlefield Trust is always a good idea! I love their videos!!Well done!
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