(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
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Care of the Indianan casualties
8/8/2021 6:00:35 PM
From the Nebraska Advertiser. Brownsville Nebraska. August 8, 1863.

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Care of the Indianan casualties
8/9/2021 9:48:12 AM

This letter makes an interesting narrative that might serve us well in our discussion on the provenance of the Harvest of Death photograph which has engaged some of us in intense discussion.

The 19th Indiana took its punishment on the first day of the battle, and the condition of the bodies was grim after a week in the heat. The dead alluded to had obviously been moved to one spot, but their state was too far gone to allow them to be handled by the time they were buried. This implies that these first day dead were among the last to be recovered, and throws further controversy onto the situation as depicted in the HOD photo.

The 19th Indiana lost 26 killed and 4 mortally wounded : the low number of mortally wounded implying that a significant portion of those posted as killed had been left to die of wounds on the battlefield, and perished as their comrades retreated as the rebels overran the yankees to the North and West of Gettysburg.

Another Indiana regiment - the 27th - suffered even more deaths, but the breakdown was different : 17 killed and 16 mortally wounded. This reflected the fact that in this sector - Culp’s Hill - the yankees held their ground and were able to recover their wounded, who then died in hospital.

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