(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows PA USA
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Let us have a peace convention.
7/23/2021 3:26:42 PM
From the Weekly Standard. Raleigh NC July 22, 1863.

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Phil Andrade
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Let us have a peace convention.
7/23/2021 3:54:12 PM
Heavens, Larry ! That’s a powerful testimony to the plight of North Carolina , and an interesting evocation of how desperately the soldiers and their loved ones yearned for peace. No puffed up rhetoric here, just a heartfelt and fundamentally convincing assessment of the way the odds were stacking up against the Confederacy, and a brave and candid proposal to address the needs of the hour. How sad it is that such pleas have issued forth in other wars, from decent people who have to pay the price of ” The Destructives”. Set against that phrase, all my statistical calculations are charged with an impact more emotional than intellectual.

Regards, Phil
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