(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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7/22/2021 6:13:41 AM
From the Weekly State Journal. Raleigh NC. July 22, 1863.

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Phil Andrade
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13th regiment NC infantry.
7/22/2021 7:32:57 AM

From what I can deduce from studying Busey's book and comparing it with the official AONV Gettysburg casualty returns, there was a shortfall of 3,645 in the number that was originally reported. Of these, 1,729 - nearly half - are attributable to just three Confederate infantry brigades : those of Pettigrew, Davis and Scales. All three of these were very badly cut up on the first day of the battle, and then - to Lee's dismay when he saw the condition of the troops deployed - were committed to the big PPT attack on the third day. The 13th NC regiment was in Scales's command.

Other confederate infantry brigades at Gettysburg which did not engage heavily on Days One and Three tended to be more up to scratch when it came to reporting the losses.

Editing here : Goodness, Larry ! This has come as quite a revelation to me. I'd always been aware of the failure to account for many of the casualties in Heth's Division, but to find out that, from 37 rebel infantry brigades, just three - fewer than one twelfth - account for nearly half of all the under-reporting in the entire AONV, is something astonishing. Pettigrew's Brigade, especially, was not properly accounted for in terms of the slaughter meted out to it.. There has to be a common denominator, and it becomes increasingly apparent to me that this must be ascribed to the fearful experience at the hands of the doughty yankees of the First Corps on Day One, with consequential failure to record that damage, resulting in imprudent deployment for battle in the climactic assault on the Third Day. A significant reason for Lee's defeat, I opine.

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