(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
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July 17, 1863
7/17/2021 8:21:16 AM

July 17, 1863
7/18/2021 4:59:34 AM

That newspaper article from Raleigh is pretty nuanced, isn’t it ?

It seems to impart a sense of disquiet about the withholding of information, concluding with the pithy statement that the people would prefer the entirety of General Lee’s letter to be made available.

The guarded tone of the reporting implies that there is only a tentative endorsement of the optimistic gloss that is being put on the events.

Bearing in mid the frightful loss that the North Carolina contingents suffered at Gettysburg, one has to wonder whether enough news had filtered through to families to make it all too clear that something dreadful had happened, and that the writers of this article knew this too, and were trying to reconcile this awareness with the need to uphold confidence in the prospect of victory.

Do I detect a note of rancour in the implication that President Davis might be withholding information ? North Carolina made the greatest sacrifice, yet was she even more zealous in the matter of state governance being more important than centralised control ?

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