(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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July 10, 1863
7/12/2021 9:26:14 AM

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Phil Andrade
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July 10, 1863
7/12/2021 11:22:23 AM

As always, the criterion that catches my eye in these posts is the accuracy or otherwise of the claims made as to enemy losses. In the case of the vignette about the numbers of rebel killed, there is no hyperbole and what seems a disciplined and sober accounting. The actual number of confederates killed in action at Gettysburg was indeed in the order of 3,500, which authenticates the suggestion made in the article.

This figure does not include the number who died of wounds, which would have inflated the total of rebel dead considerably even during and immediately after the battle.

There is much to commend in some of these Northern newspapers when it comes to acknowledging the enormity of their own casualty list, and it’s all the more remarkable that they did not persistently seek to inflate the enemy loss. It speaks well of a maturing and confident democracy, in so far as the statistical reality of the battle’s outcome was countenanced with such candour.

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