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(1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
Little Meadows
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Casualties of the 37th North Carolina infantry.
Posted on: 7/29/2020 9:37:52 AM

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Michigan Dave
Muskegon, Michigan
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Casualties of the 37th North Carolina infantry.
Posted on: 7/30/2020 9:39:22 AM

Hi Larry,

This just substantiates, the fact that North Carolina had the highest percentage of casualties of any Confederate state in the CW! Why do you guys think that is so??

Thanks & stay safe,
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Phil Andrade
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Casualties of the 37th North Carolina infantry.
Posted on: 7/30/2020 5:50:58 PM

Larry and Dave,

Just returned from a lovely family holiday in Devon, and referred immediately to the most up to date research here by John Busey into the Confederate casualties at Gettysburg.

This regiment , the 37th NC, was part of Lane’s Brigade of Pender’s Division, and suffered its loss in the PPT assault of 3 July.

The regiment was badly chewed up, losing 23 killed outright, and 16 mortally wounded, of whom 15 died in the hands of the enemy .

Its overall casualty rate was well over forty per cent.

Compare the figures for killed and died of wounds that I have cited with the nearly negligible number of confirmed killed in the initial reports that Larry posted, and you being to appreciate the anguish of those folks at home who had the most vague news about the fate of their loved ones. Not that there was suppression of that news....it’s clear that the article was going to great pains to establish what had happened ,and to give it faithful rendition. But who could tell in the chaos and carnage of such a battle what the outcome actually was in terms of death and wounds, or fatal incarceration as POW, let alone report it accurately ?

One thing is readily apparent from the North Carolina record : the authorities there went to the greatest pains to make accurate returns in their statistics, and the awfully high death rate for that state leads us to wonder how far the reports from other Confederate states were grossly understated.

Regards, Phil

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